28. Events Barrier System 


Birmingham Barbed Tape manufactures an

Event Barrier System which are ideally suited for use at public events. 

A Rapidly deployable, Reusable barrier designed for use at

festivals, concerts, events or anywhere that effective crowd control is needed.


 The Event Barrier is commonly used to establish a temporary perimeter fence

or for directing and controlling crowds at events and festivals etc. 

The system is designed to provide thousands of meters of barrier

that can be deployed and recovered faster

than standard conventional methods.





Event Barrier Features

  • Establishes a Defined Boundary
  • Follows Undulating Ground
  • Fabricated from High Tensile Steel Strip
  • Virtually impossible to cut with standard hand held tools
  • Deters possible intruders without risk of injury
  • Rapid Deployment and Recovery

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Note: Specifications may change without notice. All dimensions are approximate, manufacturers tolerances apply