Company Profile

Established in 1988, Birmingham Barbed Tape has become a world leader

in the manufacture and supply of high security fencing products and you are

invited to view some of our patented items listed on our website, namely,

Electrocoil, Mobile Barriers, Razor Mesh and Ultra Barb Razor Wire.

we also produce:–

  • Barbed Tape Concertina, clipped and unclipped
  • Barbed Tape Ultra Barb™ Concertina, clipped and unclipped
  • Anti-Piracy Ships Kit
  • Floating Barriers
  • ClearVu
  • Flatwrap™
  • Flat Tape
  • Wall Spikes
  • Castle Spikes
  • Rotating Spikes
  • Portable Barriers
  • Razor Strip
  • Mobile Loading Ramps
  • Palisade Fencing
  • Fencing Accessories
  • Spiral Coil
  • Tangle Tape
  • Ribbon Strip
Patented Ultrabarb Electrocoil
Mobile Deployment Barrier
Razor Mesh Standard Desity

ISO 9001: 2008 Registered Firm

Note: Specifications may change without notice. All dimensions are approximate, manufacturers tolerances apply