The BBT “Ship Protection Kit” or "Anti-Piracy Ship Kit" is a re-usablerapidly deployed barrier.

Designed, after consultation with Maritime Security Specialists and with the

International Maritime Organisation's Best Managment Practices

(ref: MSC.1/CIRC 1339),

to protect vessels and safeguard lives, whilst traversing high risk shipping lanes.



Easily Installed & Re-Usable



The Ship Protection Kit can be rapidly deployed and recovered then stored ready

for re-use to comply with Harbour Masters requirements before entering a safe port.





Each Ship Protection Kit is designed to accommodate approx 100 linear meters.


Storage & Contents



The BBT Ship Protection Kit is supplied with either

galvanised (Ultra Barb) or stainless steel (Short Barb)

and all necessary components within a marine crate.

(Barbed Tape Concertina coils, Bolt Cutters, Extended Clip Applicator,

Clip Removers, Wire Ties, Wire Tie Ratchets, Extended Dovetail Clips,

Handling Hooks and Double Palm Rigger Gloves with Kevlar Liners)



Note: Specifications may change without notice. All dimensions are approximate, manufacturers tolerances apply